WNYC Radio interviews Edward Burns, M.D., about the planned budget deal could restore some funding to the National Institutes of Health. Dr. Burns notes that the sequester – which cut budgets between five to ten percent – was deadly for research and might even stop young scientists from pursuing a research career. Dr. Burns is executive dean and professor of pathology and of medicine. (Audio begins at 1:32)

The New York Times ran a letter to the editor by Executive Dean Edward Burns, M.D., suggesting patients use physicians’ expertise to guide their medical decisions. Dr. Burns’ letter was submitted in response to an op-ed that pointed out the limitations of shared decision-making, in which doctors describe treatment options and patients choose the one they prefer.

The New York Times features research by Gil Atzmon, Ph.D., and Edward Burns, M.D., which found genetic links among Jewish people. The study, in conjunction with NYU, was published in the American Journal of Human Genetic. It provides the first detailed genetic maps of the three major Jewish subpopulations — Ashkenazi, Sephardic and Mizrahi — formed by the Diasporas (the scattering of Jews throughout Europe and the Middle East). These genetic links could provide the origins to many common diseases, including cancer and diabetes. Dr. Atzmon is assistant professor of medicine and of genetics and Dr. Burns is executive dean and professor of pathology and of medicine.

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WomansDay.com interviews Edward Burns, M.D. on the best ways to avoid the flu. Even though it may seem that flu season is almost over, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that 20% to 30% of flu cases so far this season have occurred during February, up from an average of 10%. Dr. Burns details the importance of properly washing your hands, using hand sanitizers, and getting your flu shot. Dr. Burns is executive dean and professor of pathology, and of medicine.

The New York Daily News interviews Dr. Ed Burns, executive dean, on the new agreement between Einstein and Fordham University aimed at advancing the study of science and medicine at both institutions.