Albert Einstein College of Medicine Unveils New Branding Campaign

November 17, 2008 — (BRONX, NY) — After more than a half-century of scientific and educational achievement, Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University today announced a bold, new branding initiative aimed at raising its national and international profile.

stair case
The staircase in Einstein's    The new Einstein logo.
Price Center/Block
Research Pavilion.
The initiative follows an ambitious and collaborative nine-month research process led by the Office of Communications and Public Affairs. Hundreds of faculty, students, alumni, board members and administrators provided input on Einstein's strengths and helped identify characteristics that distinguish the College of Medicine from other medical schools and biomedical research institutions.

"As part of our research, we asked our faculty a deceptively simple question, 'Where do you work?' and our students, 'Where do you go to school?'," said Allen M. Spiegel, M.D., The Marilyn and Stanley M. Katz Dean. "They all gave the same, one word answer - Einstein," he said. "That is the focus on our new branding, with all its positive associations with Albert Einstein, along with a modern new image that signifies the College of Medicine's excellence in biomedical research and medical education."

Beginning today, all branded materials at Einstein will share a common look, logo and tagline. The new tagline: "Science at the heart of medicine," emphasizes the connection between Einstein's cutting-edge research and the College's humanistic and collaborative culture.

On all branded materials, from business cards to t-shirts, the College of Medicine is replacing the logo of Albert Einstein's likeness with a graphic of a spiral staircase at the Michael F. Price Center for Genetic and Translational Medicine/Harold and Muriel Block Research Pavilion that is modeled after a strand of DNA. The logo forms a rounded, modern-looking "E" that represents Einstein's grounding in scientific research. The iconic Einstein name, used alone, is also strongly emphasized in the new logo.

branding campus"In the 30-plus years that I have been at Einstein, first as a medical student and now as executive dean, the vision that Albert Einstein had in lending his name to this institution has been a guiding force," said Ed Burns, M.D., executive dean. "The new branding is effective because our association with our namesake remains as strong as ever. Yet it goes a step further by creating a bold, new identity that accurately reflects Einstein's status as a top medical school and biomedical research institution."

The new logo and branding were developed following a detailed brand audit and competitive market research by brand strategy consultants Cynthia Hayes (of New York-based Hayes Strategies) and Kelly Stiles (of San Francisco-based Movement, Inc.), and led by Gordon Earle, associate dean for communications and public affairs. Peter Dama, Einstein's creative director, and Paul Moniz, Einstein's recently named director of communications and marketing, will direct the internal and external rollout of the campaign, respectively.

The initiative marks exciting changes at Einstein. In June, the opening of the $220-million Price Center/Block Research Pavilion signaled Einstein's strong commitment to bridging the divide between research developments and treatments for serious diseases like cancer, diabetes, AIDS and other illnesses. Einstein and its hospital affiliates have hired nearly 350 new faculty members over the past year-and-a-half. Einstein has recruited several internationally-renowned scientists to lead new departments. Significant beautifications are part of a 10-year campus modernization plan.

brandingEinstein continues to accept and graduate some of the best, most caring and well-rounded medical students in the country. The College of Medicine, which last year received more than $130 million in National Institutes of Health research funding, also places strong emphasis on community health outreach in the Bronx and global health initiatives that benefit the underserved.

"Albert Einstein's values, in many ways, represent the heart and soul of the College - its humanism, its sense of caring, and its sense of collaboration," said Ruth Gottesman, Ed.D., who chairs Einstein's Board of Overseers and is the first woman and faculty member to serve in that role. "I believe the new logo and branding, as well as the new tagline, capture that in a meaningful way. Most important, the Board of Overseers, also shares my views. The Board has strongly supported all the work that has gone into the new branding and how it will positively impact the image and reputation of the College."

The new branding and logo, combined with the host of other changes happening at the College of Medicine, will help create a sense of momentum and excitement at Einstein that will strengthen its already strong reputation in the community, around the nation, and around the globe. 


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