Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee

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Location: Van Etten 468 


Chair of the IACUC
Dr. Louis M. Weiss
Telephone: 718.430.2142
Animal Welfare Officer
Dr. Sunder Shrestha
Telephone: 718.839.7145 
Animal Welfare Officer: Oversees the IACUC Office, oversees IACUC-animal welfare related issues and questions, overseers training requirements for animals used in research, provides eSIRIUS training to Investigators, staff and students, reviews animal use protocols and amendments, and helps Investigators, staff and students with questions related to protocol writings and review comments. 

Animal Welfare Compliance Coordinator
Dr. Linda Jelicks
Telephone: 718.839.7144 
Animal Welfare Compliance Coordinator: Provides New User training for all new staff and students working with animals.  Reviews animal protocols and provides assistance to investigators and their staff in writing protocols in eSirius and responding to reviewer comments.  Inspects all animal use and housing areas every 6 months.  Inspects all new animal use and satellite housing rooms before IACUC approval. Point person for animal welfare concerns and performs post approval monitoring of animal studies. Dr. Jelicks has expertise in small animal imaging and can advise investigators on the various imaging cores.

IACUC Grant Specialist
Dr. Silvia Racedo
Telephone: 718.839.7152 
IACUC Grant Specialist: Offers assistance with all related to grants and funding agencies requests. Provides letters of approval of protocols and protocol-grant concordance for JIT requests. Processes and finalizes the interinstitutional agreements (MOU) between Einstein and other Institutions. Reviews animal protocols and assists investigators with animal protocols in general. 

IACUC Administrative Secretary
Mrs. Jeannette Camacho
Telephone: 718.839.7142