Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee

Face to Face Training


Below is a list of all required face to face training sessions.  You will be registered for training by the IACUC office ONLY AFTER you have completed the requites outlined under Training for Investigators, Students and Staff.

  • Training #1 - New User Orientation to Research Animal Use at Einstein
    • Required for ALL (including Principal Investigators that will NOT handle animals)
  • Training #2 - Safe and Humane Rodent Handling, Anesthesia, Analgesia, and Euthanasia (HANDS-ON)
    • Required for those handling rodents.
  • Training #3 - Sterile Survival Surgery for Rodents - Principles & Practices (HANDS-ON)
    • Required for those that will perform rodent survival surgery
  • Training #4 - Sterile Survival for Non-Rodents - Principles & Practices (HANDS-ON)
    • Required for those that will perform non-rodent survival surgery
  • Tour of animal facility - You will automatically receive an invitation with instructions on how to complete the tour, AFTER: 1) you have been medically cleared, 2) completed all required CITI online training, and 3) submitted documentation to be added to an animal use protocol through eSIRIUS.
In addition to the above REQUIRED face to face training, the IACUC offers the following training sessions: 
  1. How to Write Your Animal Use Protocol for Speedy Approval
  2. Animal Necropsy Techniques - The purpose to help researchers identify tissues and organs and how to appropriately handle those tissues for their research.  
If you are interested in the above training sessions, have any other training needs or wish individualized training to utilize a specific technique in animal not covered above, contact Dr. Sunder Shrestha, Animal Welfare Officer, at (718) 839-7145.