Environmental Health & Safety

Chemical Waste Disposable Information

Proper Disposal of Hazardous Material

Ideally, you should not have more than one container or bottle for each kind of chemical waste. If the bottle is full, fill out a chemical waste form and mail, fax or submit the form online.  

While you are accumulating the waste in the container, it must be properly labeled.

By law, all waste chemicals must be labeled. The waste label must include:

  • The words "HAZARDOUS WASTE" somewhere on the label. The word WASTE is unacceptable.
  • The date (month/day/year) that the FIRST drop of waste was accumulated. When the bottle is full, the finish date should be filled in and a form sent to EH&S requesting pickup.
  • A list of the waste chemical(s) (no abbreviations). This practice prevents accidental mixing of incompatible chemicals.
  • The approximate percentage of each chemical.
  • A check in the appropriate box (i.e. flammable, toxic, reactive, corrosive).

Check to make sure all elements of the label are filled in, including the name of the principal investigator along with your extension. Please do not rely on the hazardous waste person picking up your waste to label your containers. If containers are not properly labeled, they will not be collected. You can request labels from the Department of Enviromental Health and Safety or print out a HAZARDOUS WASTE LABEL and secure it to each bottle.

If you have any questions regarding chemical disposal, compatibilities, etc. contact the EH&S at x3560.