Environmental Health & Safety

Safety Specialist

The Safety Specialist is a "jack-of-all safety trades." General knowledge in fire prevention, laboratory safety, asbestos, infection control, ergonomics, hazardous chemical safety, indoor air quality, radiation safety and accident, illness and injury reduction is applied to help develop and disseminate a safety culture throughout the College.


Safety Documents

  • Waste Disposal Guidelines  

What Can the Safety Specialist Do For You?

Indoor Air Quality  
Fire Safety
  • Fire Drills
  • Fire Safety Training
  • General Fire Safety Information
  • FDNY C14 Information
  • For more information on Fire Safety contact Einstein's Fire Safety Officer  
Laboratory Safety
  • Laboratory Safety Inspections
  • Laboratory Safety Training
  • Coordinate Hazardous Waste Program
  • Coordinate Infectious Waste Program
Ergonomics (The science of fitting machines to fit the needs of the user)
  • Evaluating computer workstations
  • Evaluating job duties, such as lifting, to help minimize injuries
  • Assisting in ergonomics training
  • Determine if a material is asbestos through bulk sampling
  • Supervise asbestos removal
  • Perform air sampling
  • Asbestos awareness training
  • Answer general questions about asbestos/abatements
  • Coordinate the Respiratory Protection Program
Accident, Illness and Injury Reduction
  • Perform accident investigations
  • Assist in evaluating accidents/injuries to prevent future incidents
  • Change known problem areas to reduce/prevent injuries
  • Develop safety culture throughout University
Chemical Safety
  • Hazard determination
  • Hazardous waste disposal
  • Training of employees
  • Coordinate the Respiratory Protection Program
  • Recommendation of Personal Protective Equipment