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Film Badges

Obtaining a Film Badge

Radiation Safety issues dosimetry to new research staff upon request by the Principal Investigator. The researcher must complete a "Film Badge Request and/or Deletion" form and forward it to Radiation Safety (see below for copies of the form). The badge should be worn while the researcher is in a laboratory, which uses radioactive material. The researchers are issued dosimeter, which are good for three months and should be worn on the body between the neck and the chest. At the end of the three months the dosimeter should be returned to Radiation Safety upon receipt of the new badges. It is extremely important that the dosimeters are returned promptly after receiving the new dosimeters to ensure they are delivered to the vendor in a timely manner for reading. Results of the dosimeter are on file in the Department of Environmental Health and Safety. you can obtain a copy of the results by requesting it in writing addressed to the RSO. However, a report of your annual exposure is distributed each year in March or April through Radiation Safety.

If you were issued a dosimeter through a previous employer, Radiation Safety will need to obtain your radiation exposure history from that institution. You will need to complete and sign a form letter to your previous employer requesting your exposure records be forwarded to Environmental Health and Safety.

The most frequent exposure to a researcher is to his/her hands from P-32 or x-ray equipment. Therefore, an individual working with these radiation sources should wear a finger dosimeter on his/her hand. If the researcher is working with P-32 in amounts greater than 500 uCi he/she is required to wear a ring badge. It should be worn on the hand potentially receiving the greatest exposure; closest to the source material. The researcher may request a ring dosimeter in the same manner as he/she requests a film badge (see above).


Film Badge Request and/or Deletion (PDF format)

Exposure Request Form Letter (PDF format only)


Dosimeter Transfers

Dosimeter Transfer

In the event you transfer from one laboratory to another at Einstein, you need to notify Radiation Safety in order to ensure that future badges arrive in your new laboratory. This can be done by completing the information below and submitting it to Radiation Safety.

Dosimeter Transfer for Individuals Changing Laboratories 

Last Name: First Name:  

Date: Telephone extension:  

Five digit number on back of dosimeter*:  

New Principal Investigator (last name only):  

New Department:  


* Remove the dosimeter from its holder and flip over to read the number. The five digit number on the back of the dosimeter follows the department code just below and right of the date (Top of dosimeter).

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