Environmental Health & Safety

Prenatal Radiation Monitoring

Limits for prenatal exposure to ionizing radiation are more restrictive than the routine occupation limits for radioisope workers. An individual who is pregnant and exposed to occupational radiation is restricted to 500 mRem during the term of the pregnancy ( ~9 months ). The exposure should be evenly distributed over the 9 month period, not received all at once.

If you work with radioactive material or frequent areas in which radioactive material is used and know or suspect you are pregnant you should notify Radiation Safety. The Radiation Safety Officer will suggest that he meet with you to review pertinent information regarding prenatal radiation exposure. This will include a review of Regulatory Guide 8.13 titled Instruction Concerning Prenatal Radiation Exposure".

Because the limit for prenatal exposure is more restrictive the RSO will implement additional monitoring during your pregnancy. This will consist of a badge provided on a monthly basis in addition to your quarterly badge (if you wear one). It should be worn near the abdomen for the month it was issued and returned promptly upon receipt of the new badge. Return the badge separate from all other badges issued to the department and enclose a note stating that this is a prenatal badge. This will insure that it is linked up with the appropriate control badge kept in this Department during the month you are wearing the badge. Continue to wear your regular film badge that you normally wear while working with radioactive material during the period you are wearing the prenatal badge. If you lose or misplace the fetal badge contact Radiation Safety immediately for a replacement.

For additional information concerning prenatal exposure read the PDF version of Regulatory Guide 8.13 titled "Instruction Concerning Prenatal Radiation Exposure".


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