Environmental Health & Safety

General Radiation Safety Practices

  • Designate and label areas for working with radioactive material
  • Label all containers with a radioactive material label and specify the isotope
  • No eating, drinking or smoking in the laboratory
  • No mouth pipetting of radioactive material
Conducting the Research
  • Use spill trays and absorbent covering
  • Use fume hoods for handling potentially volatile material
  • Use glove box for handling large quantities of volatile material
  • Wear laboratory coat, disposable gloves, and laboratory safety glasses
  • Use gloves appropriate for the chemicals to be handled
Post Research
  • Monitor and decontaminate surfaces as described in Chapter 14 of the Radiation Safety Manual
  • Dispose of radioactive waste in waste containers in accordance with Appendix G of the Radiation Safety Manual.
  • Insure the container is labeled with a "Radioactive Material" label and specify the radioisotope in the container.
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