Environmental Health & Safety

Disposal of Sharps

On occasion researchers may use sharps in procedures involving radioactive material. Sharps may include pasteur pipettes, syringes, and scalpel. It is important that these sharps be placed in a "Sharps Container" as with all other sharps. However, the container must be posted with the label "Caution - Radioactive Material". As with all radioactive waste the label on the sharps container must state the radioisotope discarded in the container.

Sharps Containers may be purchased through Fisher. See pages 1890 and 1891 of the 2000/2001 Fisher catalog for various sharps containers.

If you generate sharps potentially contaminated with long-lived radioisotopes such as H-3 or C-14 please contact this Department (x2243) regarding proper disposal.

Sharps containing short-lived radioisotopes such as P-32, S-35 and I-125 may be turned over to this Department for decay. Complete a Radioactive Waste Ticket, attach the yellow copy to the container and fax or mail the white copy to Safety.

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