Embryonic Stem Cell Research Oversight Committee

ESCRO Submission Information

Generally the Einstein Committee on Clinical Investigations (CCI) or Montefiore Institutional Review Board (IRB) will forward protocols in need of ESCRO review to the ESCRO committee.

There are two types of ESCRO review. For assistance in determining which type of review is appropriate, or whether ESCRO review is required, see the ESCRO and CCI/IRB Review Determination Charts. Details regarding the two types of review follow: 

  Standard (Full Committee) Review  ESCRO Exempt 
Deadline  See Deadlines  N/A - Reviewed upon receipt
Reviewers  Full Committee ESCRO Chair or designee
Turnaround Time  3-4 weeks <2 weeks


For either type of review, the ESCRO Application needs to be completed. Please review the Human Stem Cell Research policy prior to submission.




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