Occupational Health Service


The purpose of Einstein's Occupational Health Services is to service Einstein employees and students with regard to occupational health needs. Anyone who sustains an occupational exposure may call Einstein OHS during hours of operation for information on postexposure procedures. If the exposure occurs after hours, the employees are to go to the nearest Emergency Room and contact the OHS during the next working day.

Students who sustain an occupational exposure should contact the Exposure Hotline at 347-380-0049. The previous Exposure Hotline (Pager) is now the back-up and if you do not reach anyone on the number listed please try the pager number 917-956-7754. Please remember that this is a pager and you must enter a call back number and then press # after the beep; Please make sure that the phone number you enter will accept incoming calls if it’s a hospital phone.

This hotline may be called 24 hours a day/7 days a week for a postexposure evaluation. Every student should have an exposure hotline sticker on the back of his/her student ID card. For a replacement sticker, please call 718.430.3060.

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Ms. Tina Crane, R.N. (Nurse)

Location: Block Building Room 219.
Hours: Monday through Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM.
Phone: 718.430.3141