Resnick Gerontology Center

Resnick’s Women’s Learning & Support Network

The Resnick Gerontology Center is launching a Women’s Learning and Support Network for women students and faculty interested in a career in aging research – particularly women from populations that are underrepresented in science. This network prepares and support women interested in aging research.

  • By exposing them and providing them with hands-on experiences with clinical research in the neuroscience, psychology and psychiatry of aging.
  • By providing them information, support, and guidance on the particular challenges associated with pursuing an academic career as a woman in general, and as a minority woman in particular.
  • By providing information, support, and guidance, and fostering success as graduate students, medical students, postdoctoral fellow and junior faculty.
  • By being introduced to (and be a part of) a network of women that can provide support and opportunities collaboration throughout their careers.

For additional information contact one of the co-founders:

Helena Blumen, PhD
Mirnova Ceïde, MD, MS 

Montefiore Medical Center

111 East 210th Street
Bronx, NY 10467
Phone: 718.920.6722
Fax: 718.655.9672

Director: Joe Verghese, M.B.B.S. 

Associate Director: Helena M. Blumen, Ph.D.