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Recent Graduations & Promotions

  • Congratulations to Satya Surabhi from the Jenny lab for being promoted as the Research Assistant Professor of DMB.

Recent Funding & Awards

  • Congrats to Aditi Shastri on the new R01 award from the FDA.
  • Hearty congratulations to Ana Maria Cuervo for receiving Doctor Honoris Causa Degree from University of Buenos Aires.
  • Kudos to Ana Maria Cuervo for being elected as the member of the Royal Academy of Pharmacy in Spain.
  • Congratulations to Andreas Jenny on his new R01 with NIA titled “The role of Lamp1 and lipid transport in the regulation of vesicle identity”
  • Congrats to Wei Chen who has been awarded her first R01 to study calciprotein particles and vascular calcification in patients with chronic kidney disease!
  • Rabia Khawaja and Mericka McCabe from the Cuervo lab presented their work at the Gordon Conference on Autophagy. Congratulations!
  • Mericka McCabe from the Cuervo lab also showcased her work at the AACR2024. Kudos Mericka!
  • Hearty congrats to Rebecca Sereda from the Cuervo lab for being the fellow Chair of the 5th annual symposium webinar of the Women in Autophagy network.
  • Sandra Pelka, Alexander Ledet and Phillip Dmitriev from the Cuervo lab received merit funding for getting honors in their qualifying exams. Congrats y’all!
  • Kudos to Susmita Kaushik, Kristen Lindenau, Maryam Jafari Rasht and Antonio Diaz Carretero from the Cuervo lab for showcasing their work on NGLY1 deficiency at the Rare Disease Day
  • Blake Elbert from the Dawlaty lab received an NIH/NICHD F30 predoctoral award. Congrats Elbert!
  • Kudos to Julio Flores from the Dawlaty lab for receiving the 2023 Experimental Hematology Young Investigator Award for his publication "Comparative analysis of Tet2 catalytic-deficient and knockout bone marrow over time".
  • Congratulations to Sammi Chung from the De Oliveira lab for being awarded a T32 Aging Predoctoral Fellowship (Aging T32 Training grant 5T32AG023475-22 PI Nir Barzilai NIA).

Welcome to DMB!

  • Welcome Joaquin Canton Sandoval, a new postdoc in the de Oliveira Lab. Looking forward to all your future accomplishments, Joaquin!
  • Welcome Louis Romain, Research trainee in the Jenny lab!

Recent Publications

  • Congrats to Greg Krause from the Cuervo lab for his new paper on molecular determinants of crosstalk between CMA and autophagy in Cell Reports.
  • Congratulations to Harmony Ketchum from the Dawlaty lab for her publication “Catalytic dependent and independent roles of Tet3 in the regulation of specific genetic programs during neuroectoderm specification” in Communications Biology.
  • Props to Aditi Shastri, Kith Pradhan et al for their paper in Blood Advances titled “Impact of Preexisting Autoimmune Disease on Myelodysplastic Syndromes Outcomes”.
  • Congrats to Cassia Michael from the De Oliveira lab for the publication of her review paper "Exploring the dynamic behavior of leukocytes with zebrafish" in Current Opinion in Cell Biology! 
  • Congrats to Richard Stanley et al for their review in Frontiers in Cellular Neuroscience on Regulation of normal and pathological microglia states by CSFs.
  • Congratulations to Violeta Chitu et al from the Stanley lab on their paper in Glia describing the prophylactic effect of chronic immunosuppression in CRL.
  • An applause for Richard Stanley, Violeta Chitu et al on their paper in Neurologia i Neurochirurgia Polska on Potential prophylaxis with glucocorticoids of CSF1R mutation carriers.
  • Kudos to Fabrizio Biundo et al from the Stanley lab on their paper in Glia on the contribution of G-CSF to behavior and pathology of CSF-1 Receptor Related Leukodystrophy (CRL).
  • Way to go Fabrizio Biundo et al from the Stanley lab on a second paper in Biomedicines showing that Trem2 enhances demyelination in CRL!
  • Congratulations to Susmita Kaushik from the Cuervo lab for publishing her work on adipocyte differentiation and CMA in Science Advances.
  • Congratulations to Adam Sugarman, alumnus from the Di Cristofano lab for his paper in Cancer Letters on targeting one-carbon metabolism in thyroid cancer.
  • An applause for Cassia Michaels and Sofia de Oliveira for their review in Current Opinion Cell Biology titled “Exploring the dynamic behavior of leukocytes with Zebrafish”.
  • Congrats to Greg Krause et al from the Cuervo lab who got the work on the role of Bag6 on eMI published in Cell Reports.
  • Kudos to Greg Krause and Susmita Kaushik from the Cuervo lab for publishing their work on autophagy/unconventional secretion in Science Advances.
  • Congrats to Jonathan Handy from the Jenny lab for his comment paper about the role of LAMPs in the regulation of lysosomal pH accepted at Autophagy.