Kennedy Center Cellular and Molecular Shared Equipment Facility

The Rose Kennedy Building houses a Molecular Biology Core, a Surgical Suite and an Imaging Core. These cores, available to the faculty of the Department of Neuroscience, are found on the third, fifth, sixth and ninth floors; additional services are found throughout the building.

Molecular Biology Core (Room 328B&C)

This core includes instrumentation for routine molecular biology and biochemical procedures. It allows for sample preparation, genotyping and genomic profiling and documentation of results. [Access to these instruments will be charged $80 per person per day.]

Sample preparation

Centrifuges (rotors stored in 4°C refrigerator (2018))

  • Ultracentrifuges
    • Beckman L8-80M (rotors: SW-28 (28k rpm); type 35 (35k rpm); SW-40 Ti (40k rpm); 60 Ti (60k rpm); 70.2 Ti (70k rpm);)
  • 3X high-speed centrifuges (rotors: JA-10 (10k rpm), KA-18.1, 70.2 Ti (70k rpm); SS-34)
    • Beckman-Coulter Avanti J-E (2019)
    • Beckman J2-21M
    • Sorvall RC 5B Plus
  • Eppendorf centrifuge 5430 R (14k rpm)
  • LabConCo CentriVap DNA concentrator 7970000

Incubator shaker

  • New Brunswick Excella E24
  • New Brunswick Series 25

Tissue grinder/sonicator

  • Misonix sonicator S-4000 with sound-proof enclosure (2018)
  • Arrow Engineering tissue grinder

Boekel CCC 0.5d incubator
Vibratome Series 1000

  • Leica CM3050S
  • (2) Cryostar NX70 (2018, 2020)

Surgical Suite (Kennedy Room 328A&B)

3x Stereotaxic rigs (adult, juvenile, pathogen) (new):

  • Olympus SZX7 microscope
  • RWD stereotaxic positioner
  • Drummond Nanoject III
  • RWD anesthesia machine (Isoflurane included)
  • Thermostar warmer

Biosafety cabinets (Class IIA/B3)

  • Nuaire NU-245FM-400
  • Forma Scientific 1184
  • Baker Company 2340A-ATS

Fume hood

Sutter P-87 Flaming/Brown micropipette puller

Sutter P-2000 laser micropipette puller (2020 rebuilt)


  • Leica VT1000S

Electrophysiology rig (Room 329A)

  • Olympus Fluoview 1000 laser scanning confocal microscope

Genotyping & genomic profiling


  • Applied Biosystems GeneAmp System 9700 (0.2ml reaction tubes or 96 & 384 well reaction plates)
  • BioRad CFX96 real-time PCR (2018)
  • Applied Biosystems 7300 Real-Time PCR

Documentation of results

Gel/Blot scan

  • Bio-Rad Gel Doc XR+
  • Licor Odyssey CLx
  • Azure c600 (2018)

Plate reader

  • Tecan Infinite M200 pro (2018)

Scintillation counter

  • Beckman LS 6500

Additional services

[Except where stated, access to these instruments will be charged $80 per person per day.]

Autoclave – Room 423, 614

Dishwasher – Rooms 423, 614

Liquid Nitrogen – Room 614

Milli-Q® IQ 7000 Ultrapure Water System (2019) –Room 328C

70% Ethanol - Room 328C

Ice Machine – Room 450 [free access]

Emergency storage – Room 328B

  • freezer (-20°C) [$100 per month per shelf or partial shelf]

Emergency Storage – basement (Room B51)

  • 3x freezers (-80°C) [$200 per month per shelf or partial shelf]