The Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology and Women's Health

Continuing Education

Continuing medical education in all the department's divisions and sites are provided for faculty on an ongoing basis, weekly and monthly. In addition to those specialty educational offerings, the department offers multiple large programs for continuing medical education, such as those listed below. 

Grand Rounds

For over 2 decades, the departmental Grand Rounds has been a major continuing medical education focus for the entire Einstein community. This weekly activity has attracted a consistently large and diverse professional audience both from within and outside the specialty of Ob/Gyn. The weekly presentations by an array of national and international guest speakers covers the spectrum of women's health issues, and the monthly published schedule highlights relevant clinical, basic science, political and health care delivery topics. Uniformly it is the invited speakers who are most impressed with the broad sophistication of the Einstein audience and the heavy early morning turnout. The lively post presentation interactive discussions have become widely appreciated in the New York metropolitan area and throughout the country.

Autumn in New York

Another important medical education effort has been the department's annual educational symposium. Evolving from a local "Autumn on the Hudson" conference into the nationally recognized "Autumn in New York" under Dr. Merkatz' direction, in recent years it was moved into Manhattan in order to accommodate the ever-increasing numbers of professionals who view this 3 day educational opportunity as one of the highlights of their post graduate training.

Following is a list of past Autumn in New York topics:

• 1983 - Perinatal and Gynecological Infections
• 1984 - Medical and Surgical Gynecology
• 1986 - A Potpourri of Contemporary Clinical Obstetrics and Gynecology
• 1987 - Critical Issues in Diabetes in Pregnancy: Prevention, Early Diagnosis and Management
• 1988 - Reproductive Endocrinology: Practical Clinical Applications
• 1989 - New Directions for Gynecologic Oncology for the 1990s
• 1990 - Fetal Physiology and Disease
• 1991 - The Other Side of Forty: A Continuum of Health Care for Women
• 1992 - Controversies in Gynecologic Oncology
• 1993 - Women's Health Across the Lifespan: Prevention and Management Issues and Topics for Obstetrician and Other Health Professionals
• 1994 - Clinical Obstetrics at the Turn of the Century: European/American Perspectives
• 1995 - The Fetus as the Patient: A Joint Scientific and Educational Symposium with the XI International Congress
• 1996 - Obstetrics and Gynecology in an Era of Flux
• 1997 - Bringing Care to Women through Innovations in Screening: Genetics and other New Developments
• 1998 - Common, More Serious, and Pregnancy-Related Infectious Diseases in Women
• 1999 - Insulin Resistance as a Life-Cycle Women's Health Issue
• 2000 - Confronting Preterm Birth in the 21st Century: From Molecular Interventions to Community Action
• 2001 - Controversies in Gynecology
• 2002 - Minimally Invasive Surgery and The Alternatives
• 2003 - A Commitment to Equity in Women's and Perinatal Health: Closing the Gaps
• 2004 - An Ultrasound and Perinatal Medicine Tribute to John C. Hobbins, MD
• 2005 - Reproductive Science and Regenerative Medicine: The Promise & Perils
• 2006 - Global Women's Health
• 2007 - Improving Patient Safety through Training with Simulation
• 2008 - Preconception and Prenatal Care: A Life Course Perspective on Women’s Reproductive Health and Pregnancy Outcom
• 2009 - A Tribute to Irwin R. Merkatz, MD - Highlighting the Careers of Former and Current Faculty and Fellows
• 2010 - Change: The New Residency Requirements, The Technological Transformation of Surgery, The Patient-Centered Medical
Home and Understanding the Healthcare Reform Bills of 2010
• 2011 - Maternal-Child Health Breakthroughs in HPV, HIV and the Microbiome
• 2012 - Contemporary Screening for Female Cancer and Genetic Diseases
• 2012 - Local and Global Health Issues of Adolescent Girls

Endowed Presentations

Additional continuing medical education programs in the department include targeted endowed presentations such as the Winston lectureship. In 1985, The Raymond and Beverly Sackler Foundation established a medical education program within the department in the form of The Herbert G. Winston Distinguished Lectures in Obstetrics and Gynecology. Since that time, such celebrated experts as Jo Leigh Simpson MD, Robert Kurman MD, James R. Scott MD, William Creasman MD, and Luigi Mastroianni MD have addressed the department as Winston Lecturers, examining topics such as treatment of infertility, autoimmunity during pregnancy, uterine malignancy, genetics and spontaneous abortion, and cervical neoplasias.








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