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Meet Our Residents: PGY1

Tori Aspir, M.D.

MD:  Albert Einstein College

BS:  University of Connecticut

Being an Einstein student, I decided to stay at Montefiore because I fell in love with the patients and felt like there was so much more I could learn from the community in The Bronx. I wanted a program that really cared about and advocated for its community, and I saw as a student how Monte OBGYN did that. I also knew it would provide me with the best possible training and prepare me to do whatever I decided after residency.


Caleb Dafilou, MD

MD:  George Washington University

MPH:  Jefferson University

BS:  Brandeis University

I chose Montefiore because I knew that my training here would prepare me to be a well-rounded OBGYN provider and a physician capable of working within under-resourced communities. On my interview day, when many other programs first highlighted their research accolades and hospital awards (which Montefiore has as well), Montefiore instead led by sharing the immense sums of money that the institution had invested in the Bronx's community benefit. This separated our program as part of a department that cares deeply for the patients we work with while striving to provide the highest quality, evidence-based care that an academic institution can support. Since being here, I am glad to find that this reputation rang true. The faculty, who I have quickly begun to see as role models are incredibly knowledgeable of the broad social and environmental factors that impact our patients, and aim to act on these concerns in our patient encounters. I am also thrilled to have found a supportive environment among faculty and residents that facilitates our growth on the steep learning curve that is demanded of a program like ours. When I tell people about my co-interns, I say I have never had new friends feel like old friends so quickly!


Ravi Desai, M.D. 

MD:  University of California, San Francisco

BA:  Johns Hopkins

Montefiore stood out to me for the opportunity to care for the diverse and vibrant community of the Bronx, the high volume and acuity of cases, and exposure to the full breadth of specialties within OB/GYN. The cohesiveness and sense of mission among the residents and faculty made it clear that this is a place where I can become a compassionate physician ready for any challenge that comes my way. I also appreciated the ability to practice at multiple sites within the Bronx, which gives you exposure to community, academic and NYC public health systems. Lastly, the focus on social medicine brings you closer to the community that you serve through an emphasis on advocacy. I am grateful to be training among such a talented group of changemakers. 


Jonathan dos Reis, MD

MD:  Albert Einstein College

BA:  Manhattan College


Laura Fletcher, MD

MD:  Tufts University

BA:   Cornell

I chose Montefiore (and am so glad I did) because I felt like I found a community that would guide me to become the kind of OBGYN I always wanted to be. I felt supported in pursuing my interests, advocating for my patients, and doing things that challenged and scared me. I was surrounded by people that deeply cared about the issues that I cared about, and even more, deeply cared about their patients. Through the ups and downs of intern year, I know that I am supported, and truly feel that I am growing and getting better every day because of the community here at Monte.


Eliane Shinder, MD

MD:  Stonybrook University

BS:   Duke University


Wendy Shwe, MD

MD:  George Washington University

BA:   University of California at Berkeley


Rebekah Sugarman, MD

MD:  University of Michigan

BA:   University of Chicago

On my interview day, I felt so comfortable and supported by the residents and faculty at Montefiore. I could tell immediately that everyone was truly passionate about taking care of.

I honestly never thought that the cliche that I would get "that feeling" when I interviewed at the program for me would ring true but there is no doubt that I felt it during my interview. In the throes of interview season, I dreaded waking up early for this interview only to find myself surprised at how easily engaged I was from the very beginning. What struck me most about my interview day was the strong sense of shared values that I felt. The consistent commitment to the underserved patients of the Bronx and beyond as well as the program’s strong advocacy focus were exactly what I was looking for in my residency training. I knew that this was a place that was about action and not just talk, and I could tell I would be well supported as I continued on my journey to do the same.


Deepthisri Suresh, MD

MD:  Albert Einstein College

BA:   University of California at Berkeley

Montefiore is where I fell in love with ObGyn. As a medical student, I was drawn to the way everyone kept social and reproductive justice at the core of patient care. I was inspired by the way that the program prioritized understanding the social determinants of health that impact our patients while also providing rigorous clinical training. Over the last 4 years, I have learned invaluable lessons on how to humanize medicine from my patients, mentors, and colleagues. Now as a resident, it’s truly been an honor to be able to continue to serve the Bronx community. The sense of community and collegiality within the program has quickly made me feel supported and at home. While the learning curve is steep, it has been so gratifying and fulfilling to be an ObGyn resident at Montefiore. I am certain that the breadth of experiences I will have over the next 4 years will equip me with a broad skill set that I will carry with me throughout my career.


Fatou Tine, MD

MD:  Howard University

MA:  Hunter College

BS:   City University of New York

It was very important for me to choose a program that put an emphasis on serving the underserved population and I fell in love with Montefiore for that reason. From interview day, I could sense the high dedication from every single person I have gotten the chance to speak with and felt we shared the same desire of providing the adequate care to a population historically marginalized. I have also loved how we would be exposed to every sub-specialty from the very first day of our residency. I knew coming to Montefiore would give me the opportunity to become a well-rounded, well-trained physician given the high acuity of care provided.


Esther Wu, M.D. 

MD:  Brown University

BA:  Dartmouth

During my interview day, I felt such a strong sense of community from the current residents and faculty--something that I knew I would need to thrive a residency program. That, coupled with the complex and diverse patient population, lead me to believe that I would leave incredibly well-trained and confident in my ability to take on the whole gamut of obstetrical and gynecological pathologies.  

Our Residents

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