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Meet Our Residents: PGY3

Miranda Blanco-Breindel, M.D. 

MD:  Columbia University

BS:  Cornell University

I chose Montefiore because I was looking for an academic program with the clinical experience that would allow me to graduate as a confident and competent OBGYN no matter what I chose to do next.  I feel privileged to work alongside such smart, hardworking co-residents, fellows and attendings caring for our patient population in the Bronx. Montefiore offers a truly unique residency experience with an abundance of opportunities to learn and care for women with complex medical issues.


Roselle Bleck, M.D., MPH 


BA:  Barnard College

Montefiore stood out to me for providing excellent training informed by the social context of the Bronx community that we serve. I realized that this program would allow me to develop high-quality clinical skills and surgical competence while gaining a better understanding of the systemic factors that influence the health of our patients. I am confident that this program will prepare me well to pursue a general or sub-specialty path and advocate for greater equity in reproductive healthcare. 



Ashley A. Duhon, M.D. 

MD:  Louisiana State University

BS:  University of Louisiana at Lafayette

Montefiore was my top choice for residency for a number of reasons. I immediately felt at home once learning more about the department’s dedication to working towards equitable access to high-quality healthcare for our diverse patient population in the Bronx. I knew that I wanted to train in a high-volume urban setting and was drawn to the opportunities available at Montefiore for education in social medicine and advocacy beyond the standard curriculum. The rigorous academic and training environment is built to ensure we will be fully prepared to practice in any setting upon graduating. I feel incredibly lucky to be surrounded by co-residents I consider friends and faculty who are supportive of both our educational experience and well-being. It is an honor to train at Montefiore and serve the patients of the Bronx.


Cyrus Jalai, M.D. 

MD:  University of Vermont

BA:  Middlebury College

I chose Montefiore for my OB/GYN training because I knew it was the only program that would offer me the rigorous academic and experiential training in a high-acuity urban setting that I was looking for. The dedication of the staff and trainees to women's health in the Bronx was immediately obvious to me, and something I wanted to learn from and contribute to, particularly as a native New Yorker. The strong culture of teaching and camaraderie among our large class of residents was also a huge draw, that has more than lived up to expectations."  


Medina Mishiyeva, M.D. 

MD:  Albert Einstein College of Medicine

BS:  Brooklyn College

As a student, I had a chance to see firsthand how wonderful the faculty and residents were and how dedicated everyone was to providing quality compassionate patient care. The high acuity of care, the diverse patient population, the compassionate faculty, and the strong focus on resident education made me fall in love with the program. I knew that I could become the physician I wanted through the help of everyone here.



Osaro Obanor, M.D. 

MD:  Ohio State University

BA:  Duke University

I chose Montefiore because this program creates the unique opportunity to train in an urban community setting that is not only academically focused but also socially conscious in its approach to patient care. Serving such a diverse community like The Bronx is a rewarding yet challenging experience that really pushes you to learn and adapt with an emphasis on unified teamwork. I enjoy serving and learning from The Bronx community and having the opportunity to work alongside such amazing faculty, staff, and residents in this program really make this training experience a special one.



Teresa Qi, M.D. 

MD:  Boston University
BS:  New York University 


 I chose to come to Montefiore to be trained in a strong academic program that has a unique opportunity to address health disparities due to treating a largely underserved and diverse population. I knew I would be able to get strong surgical and obstetrical training with the high volume, be a part of a close group of residents, and have the support to pursue whatever future career path I decide on, whether it's generalist OBGYN or fellowship training. 






Lucy Rose, M.D. 

MD:  Mount Sinai

BS:  New York University

I chose Montefiore because I care deeply about the patient population we serve here in the Bronx, and because there are so many incredible socially conscious colleagues and mentors at our institution. We have an all-star Family Planning department, fantastic Global Health faculty, and strong leadership in Diversity and Inclusion. On top of that, my co-residents and faculty are some of the most interesting, driven, and inspiring people I have ever met.



Tanya Saito, M.D. 

MD:  Oregon Health & Science University

BS:  University of Oregon

I chose Montefiore because I felt the faculty, residents, and staff demonstrated a unique commitment to patient advocacy and to understanding and addressing healthcare disparities. It was clear that the clinical and academic training would be exceptional and prepare me for a career in any setting: as a confident, skilled generalist or in pursuing fellowship. Lastly, I was inspired by the vibrant and diverse community of the Bronx and it is a privelege and honor to serve this community. 


Benjamin Yao, M.D. 

MD:  Case Western Reserve University

BA:  Cornell University

I choose Montefiore because it offers a diverse and rigorous clinical training program that would give me the skillsets to be a confident Ob/Gyn generalist or help me prepare for a future fellowship. Montefiore separates itself with not only the high acuity and cultural diversity of its patients, but also the camaraderie and support from residents, fellows, and attendings. I am extraordinarily grateful to be at Montefiore.


Alyssa Yeung, M.D. 

MD:  Albert Einstein College of Medicine

BS:  Indiana University

I chose to stay at Montefiore because I wanted to train at an institution which offered both a strong clinical experience and an emphasis on academics. I want to graduate from a program with the experience to pursue a fellowship or be an excellent generalist. The large volume and exposure to a wide range of cases, presentations, pathologies and acuities made me confident this was such a program. As someone interested in global health and the social determinants of health, working with the diverse and widely underserved patient population of the Bronx was also important to me. Ultimately, this program, the people, and the community are what inspired me to pursue obgyn and I'm so thankful I got to stay here.    


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