Addiction Psychiatry Fellowship


A broad based pre clinical and clinical curriculum is offered. Didactics may be offered on an individual basis depending on the interest of the trainees.

Addiction Psychiatry Lecture Series
Principal Faculty: J. Arnsten, M.D., M.P.H., T. Betzler, M.D., Y. Belinkie, Ph.D., A. Briggie, Ph.D., H. Forman, M.D., M. Herman, M.D., N. Hiroi, Ph.D., H. Lachman, M.D., J. Karlapalem, M.D., J. Lee, M.D., S. Nicola, Ph.D., M.A. O’Dowd, M.D., M. Polycarpe, M.D., E. Richman, M.D., L. Rysz, M.D., Course Director - M. Herman, M.D.
Description: Required for Addiction Psychiatry Fellows. Foundation course in addiction psychiatry, overview of substance abuse treatment, addiction psychiatry topics, other selected topics pertinent to drug and alcohol abuse treatment and research. Depending on the topic, lectures may include residents, graduate students, post-docs, and faculty members.
Schedule: Weekly, one-hour sessions, 35 sessions during academic year.
Grand Rounds: Dept. of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
Principal Faculty: In-house faculty speakers and outside speakers with regional, national, and international reputations.
Description: Required for Addiction Psychiatry Fellows. Topics in General Psychiatry, Addiction Psychiatry Lecture once a month.
Schedule: Weekly, one and one-half hours, for ten months.
Research Supervision Seminar
Principal Faculty: Julia Arnsten, M.D., M.P.H.
Description: Required for Addiction Psychiatry Fellows. Weekly meeting to discuss research hypotheses and supervise fellows on research/independent projects.
Schedule: Weekly 45 minutes for academic year.
Psychosomatic Journal Club
Principal Faculty: H. Forman, M.D., A. Briggie, Ph.D., M.A. O’Dowd, M.D.
Description: Optional for Addiction Psychiatry Fellows. Topics include Axioms of Psychiatric Consultation, Antipsychotics for the Treatment of Delirium. Attended by the Adult and Child Psychosomatic Medicine Fellows, addiction fellows (during rotation).
Schedule: Monthly meeting. First Friday of every month.
CQI Meeting - Montefiore Medical Center- Substance Abuse Treatment Program (SATP)
Principal Faculty: Merrill Herman, M.D.
Description: Required for Addiction Psychiatry Fellows. The Addiction Psychiatry fellows are required to attend CQI Meetings on a regular basis. They learn about substance abuse process and outcome treatment indicators to understand how the program addresses the issue of improving the provision of patient care. Additionally they experience the functioning of an interdisciplinary treatment team as it works together to address and measure the quality indicators. Fellows can use CQI meetings as a launching point to stimulate ideas for their required project.
Schedule: One and a half hours monthly for academic year.

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