M.D. Program

Course Materials

Electronic Syllabus

A big change for many students arriving at ANY medical school is the increased volume of material and the advanced pace at which it is taught. Students will quickly need to adapt their learning styles to these changes in order to keep up. It is not practical to print or even carry all the materials on paper. The entire syllabus for each course is available online, and you can easily download them to your laptop.


Print Allowance

The Office of Medical Education provides students taking the basic science courses in the first two years with a print allowance for use with the color as well as black and white printers in our library. This will allow you to print key pages or slides in advance of the lecture or for studying when using a computer is not practical. For information about wireless printing, go to Yeshiva University's ITS Wireless Printing page for instructions on configuring your computer (Windows or MAC) to enable you to print.

Additional instructions for configuring both Windows and Mac laptops can be found at the D. Samuel Gottesman Library's guide to Printing, Scanning, and Photocopying.

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