Office of Academic Support & Counseling

Basic Exam Review Policy


First and second year students who fail an exam or who receive a borderline passing score are eligible to review their exams. Students are informed of their exam results as soon as they are posted on ExamSoft.  We encourage students to contact the Office of Academic Support and Counseling to set up an appointment with Dr. Kelly as soon as they learn of their failed or borderline passing score.  Students who fail an exam will also receive a certified letter and an email informing them that they must contact the Office of Academic Support and Counseling and schedule an appointment with Dr. Kelly to discuss the exam experience and schedule an exam review session. Although students are required to meet with Dr. Kelly soon after notification of their failed exam, they can wait up until 2 weeks before their scheduled make-up exam (see guidelines section) to review their exam.

A student who receives a borderline passing score will be notified by email that OASC is aware of their low exam score performance. They will be invited to meet with Dr. Kelly . Although this meeting is strongly encouraged, it is not required.  It is the responsibility of all students receiving a borderline pass or a failed score to contact the OASC.



Basic science exams are sequestered.  Exam review sessions are completed under supervsion in Belfer, Room 410A.  Students have up to 1 hour to review an exam.  Students are asked to consider all possible factors contributing to the low exam score (e.g., fund of knowledge, ineffective study strategies, test-taking errors, reading, comprehension, or attention issues, poor time management, personal problems, etc.) Students will be advised to schedule follow-up appointments to discuss these issues and/or may be given appropriate referrals.  Students will also be encouraged to sign up for tutoring if they have not already done so.

Tutors, faculty or friends are not allowed to join a student reviewing an exam. Borrowing or taking the sequestered exam out of the office will not be permitted.  The use of notebooks, texts, lecture materials, pens/pencils, etc. will not be permitted.  Students will not be allowed to write on, mark, or photocopy the exam or test booklet. The use of calculators, palm pilots, iphones, camera phones and other devices will not be allowed.  A student may request an exam review worksheet to track wrong answers, careless errors, difficult questions, etc.  The worksheet will be collected at the end of the session and kept with the student's exam.  Worksheets cannot be photocopied or taken out of the office.     



Eligible students are permitted to review a failed exam ONLY once during the academic year.  Multiple reviews of the same exam will not be scheduled.  Eligible students may EITHER review their exam upon notification OR wait until closer to their scheduled make-up exam date.  The review, however, may take place no later than 2 WEEKS (i.e., 14 days) before the scheduled make-up.  For example, if a student fails an exam and the make-up is scheduled for June 15th, the last day to review will be June 1st.  In the event that the make-up date closely follows the end of the course (i.e., typically 2nd year courses in late Spring), students will be permitted to review their exams as soon as they become available.  No reviews will be scheduled the day before the make-up. 

The above procedures and guidelines regarding basic science exam reviews are subject to change at the discretion of the Office of Student Affairs.  

For important details regarding academic progress, the make-up exam policy, grading, and other Einstein guidelines, please see the by-laws of the Committee on Student Promotions and Professional Standards online at  Hard copies are available in The Office of Student Affairs - Belfer Room 210.  Students are also welcome to meet with Drs. Baum, Nosanchuk or Ludwig to discuss Einstein's sequestration policy, by-laws, grading, or any other matter.  Appointments to see Drs. Baum, Nosanchuk or Ludwig can be made by calling (718) 430-3060.    


The official Einstein policy document concerning basic exam review can be found here.