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The Office of Academic Support and Counseling offers information to help students prepare  for taking the United States Medical Licensing Examination, aka "The Boards".  Second year students are invited to attend seminars geared for preparing for taking the Step I exam. In these seminars they have the opportunity to begin thinking about getting their study strategies in place.  A panel of upper classmates is invited to participate in these seminars to offer their study strategies for successful USMLE performance.

FAQ about USMLE?

What are some study tips for the USMLE Step I? 

  • Check out the USMLE website, 
  • Familiarize yourself with the exam format
  • Organize a schedule or study plan. 
  • Stay calm.  Try to integrate board studying (i.e., using BRS, Q-bank) and your 2nd year course material early in the year.
  • Use reframing.  View the year as an opportunity for you to fully integrate the basic science years and to prepare you for the 3rd year...and your patients!
  • Set a realistic goal.  As of January 1, 2014 the passing score is 192.  The national average is about a 222.  Einstein's average is typically a bit higher than that.
  • Consider a prep course, especially if you've failed 1st or 2nd year courses, done poorly on the MCATs and took them multiple times (i.e., 7s, 8s).
  • Identify early your strengths and weaknesses using question banks, and practice tests.  These two are available in the library.
  • Become familiar with the style of Board exams. Take the NBME self-assessment tests.
  • Manage your anxiety.  Incorporate stress reduction techniques, daily exercise, and practice self-care throughout the year...especially in the Spring.
  • Get a study buddy, trade schedules, and hold each other accountable. 
  • Come to the Office of Academic Support and Counseling for a Step 1 Peer Tutor list.  Step 1 Peer Tutors are available during the dedicated study period. 
  • Contact the the Office of Academic Support and Counseling at 718-430-3154 to set up an appointment to discuss study tips.

Test Prep Resources 

The D. Samuel Gottesman Library has many resources to help with USMLE preparation.  These include exam question banks, e-books, case files, and self-assessment resources.  These materials are available on-and off-campus.  Registration is required for some resources.


Find these and other resources at  

If you have any questions contact a Reference Librarian at 718.430.3104 or


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