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Jeffrey E. Segall, Ph.D.

Jeffrey E. Segall, Ph.D.

Professor, Anatomy and Structural Biology

Professor, Pathology

Betty and Sheldon Feinberg Senior Faculty Scholar in Cancer Research

Biomedical technologiesImagingTumor cell imaging

Dr. Segall studies how tumor cells invade tissues and spread through the body. He has developed sophisticated imaging methods for following individual tumor cells moving in living animals. For example, one of his techniques involves a tiny glass window implanted in the skin of a mouse that allows scientists to track individual cancer cells as they spread a tumor site and attack other parts of the body. This technique could one day be used for assessing the effectiveness of specific drugs in preventing cancer from metastasizing.

Dr. Segall studies breast cancer, head and neck cancer and glioblastoma (an aggressive form of brain cancer). He investigates how protein receptors on the surfaces of tumor cells guide the tumor cells in response to signals sent out by the local tumor microenvironment. Dr. Segall has served on study sections for the U.S. Department of Defense Breast Cancer Research Program, the American Cancer Society and the National Institutes of Health. He currently serves on the NIH’s Tumor Microenvironment study section.


Additional Areas of Expertise

Brain cancer, Breast cancer, Glioblastoma, Head and neck cancer


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