Institute for Animal Studies

Animal Husbandry

Animal husbandry services are provided by the Institute for Animal Studies (IAS). Mr. Carmine Bianco (IAS Asst. Director), Ms. Andrea Peters, Ms. Kim Miller, Ms. Katty Amato and Ms. Wanda Tirado-Torres (Facility Supervisors) oversee the animal caretakers who provide daily care to your animals. Charges for services, called per diem charges, are based on a per cage (mice, frogs, lizards, fish) or per animal basis and include housing, food, water, daily checks, euthanasia, care of sick animals, etc.

Additional information regarding husbandry of primates.

Per diem charges are set by the Dean of einstein with input from the Animal Institute Committee, einstein Business Affairs, and the IAS. If an increase in fees is necessary, it is implemented during the first per diem period commencing after July 1 of each year. See the list of per diem charges by species

To calculate per diem charges over projected grant periods, you should increase the per diem charges by 3% each July as an estimate of the possible need for increased revenue.

Per diem charges for quarantine, isolation and flexible film isolator housing are approximately 2X the normal per diem charges to balance the extra costs to provide these special services.

Animal purchase charges are calculated using the price per animal, the shipping and handling charges (from the vendor) plus a 15% (rodents) or 25% (larger species) ordering, handling and setup fee from the IAS.

Animal rooms within each building and between buildings should be entered in a “clean - to - dirty” order. If you need to enter more than one animal room on the same day, 

Because of the need to use the hoods to open all animal cages, investigators in the Chanin need to know the Schedule for Cage Changing. 

If you have questions, consult the following persons:

Questions Regarding Contact Person Contact Information
Animal housing and husbandry Mr. Carmine Bianco 

Animal purchase and per diem bills

Ms. Taryn Walker

Ms. Aida Reyes



Animal problems

Ms. Wanda Tirado-Torres

Ms. Kim Miller

Ms. Andrea Peters

Ms. Katty Amato





Unanswered animal problems Dr. Lawrence Herbst 
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