Auxiliary Services


The office of transportation is responsible for providing safe and reliable shuttle services and black-car services to the Einstein community.



Car Service

I am a medical student and would like to request car service. Who should I contact? 

Medical Students must contact the security office to request transportation to locations not currently serviced by any of our shuttles or during off-hours. Transportation will only be approved for required medical educational purposes; personal requests will not be granted. Please remember to check with others in your rotation and plan to ride-share.

I am not a medical student and I need car service. Who can I contact?  

Best Deal Car Service, 757 Burke Avenue, Bronx, is currently the vendor contracted by Einstein. They can be reached at 718-798-5555. Please note that you will need to reference an account number when making a request. Most departments now hold and maintain their own account numbers, so please make sure to check with your departmental administrator. If your department does not have a current account number, the administrator for the department must create a purchase order in Banner and send the approved P.O. to our provider. A representative will get in contact with the department with further instructions.

Why should I share a ride? 

Medical students are encouraged to ride-share for many reasons. It is our goal to lower our carbon footprint while maintaining fiscal responsibility. Check with others in your rotation and/or same hospitals and plan to have 4 students per cab ride.

For commuters; sharing a ride can help you save money on parking, fuel, and other vehicle costs. It also permits you to have a more predictable, productive and enjoyable commute (where you can read, sleep, work, or socialize). And from an environmental or “green” perspective, you’ll be doing your part to reduce pollution, traffic congestion, and stress.

I have a meeting with one of the Dean’s, will transportation be approved? 

Transportation will be approved for any required educational purposes. The security office will confirm with the Dean’s office of your appointment. Please arrange transportation with the Security office during office hours (9am-5pm).

I just missed the shuttle, now what? Can I order a car? 

You must wait for next shuttle. Car service will not be approved if there is another shuttle available within 2 hours (medical students only). 

My rotation requires me to live off-campus, what are my transportation options? 

If you are required to live off-campus, transportation is provided for travel to/from Einstein campus during your lecture days only, exams, and other required visits (i.e., PDC class). Car service is also provided to move your belongings between the campuses on the first and last day. Please work with others in your rotation to arrange moving together. Call during office hours to arrange car service. 

I ordered a car, but now I’m running late. What can I do? 

We understand that sometimes being late is not option and in some instances cannot be avoided. To alleviate late charges, order your car at least 15 minutes later than needed. If you are going to be late anyways, please call the security office, as soon as possible; we will push back your pick-up time. You can also contact the provider directly, Best Deal Car Service 718.798.5555

I have an issue with the car service provided. Who can I talk to? 

The security and safety of our medical students, and our community as a whole, is one of our top priorities. We strongly encourage you to contact the Security office to report any concerns. Your anonymity will be maintained, if requested. Our contact number is 718-430-2180 or email Walk-ins are also welcomed.

I need to order car services for personal use. Is there a local service I can call? 

If you need car service for personal reasons (i.e., to go to the airport), you can call our current car service provider directly. There is no need to contact security. You will be required to use your personal credit card when ordering.

You can also call a Boro taxi service provider (green cars). These providers, commissioned through the NYC Taxi & Limousine Commission, are not affiliated with Einstein and we do not have any local car service numbers in our office. Please be mindful of your safety at all times if you do decide to use this service.  


Shuttle Services


What days do the shuttles run? 

Shuttle service is provided Monday thru Friday. Medical students have priority seating on all of our shuttles with the exception of the 180th street subway shuttle. That shuttle is open to the Einstein community and is first-come first-serve. 

What hospitals do they service? 

Currently we have both local and express shuttle service to Montefiore hospital on the Moses Campus. We also provide shuttle service that is open to the community, servicing the 180th subway station in the Bronx. There, passengers can take the MTA’s 2/5 subway into Manhattan. 

I’m not sure if I missed the shuttle, who can I contact? 

You can contact the security office if you have been waiting over 15 minutes. There may be shuttle delays dues to various factors including traffic and weather 

Is there another way to find out information about transportation without calling the security office? 

Yes! Please follow us on Twitter @AE_Transport. We will tweet about shuttle delays, schedule changes and other pertinent information, such as weather concerns. 

I want to give feedback regarding shuttle service. Who can I contact? 

Please direct all concerns and/or issues to Or if you prefer to speak to someone in person, call the Security & Transportation office at 718-430-2180 or visit us in the Forchheimer building room G-9. 

I need to order a private shuttle for a departmental function. Who can I contact? 

Please contact our shuttle purchasing department. Request a quote and create a purchase order for the services needed. 


Zip Car

I live/work at Einstein and do not have a car. How can I find out about Zipcar? 

Zipcar is a car rental company through which members reserve cars on an hourly or day-rate basis from a variety of pick-up locations. Currently, there are 4 Zipcars located on the Jack and Pearl Resnick campus, in the Palma II parking lot. For more information, or to membership sign-up, please visit (Members of the Einstein community receive a discounted group rate.)



I want to ride my bike, where can I park it? 

We are creating an exciting new space for the Einstein community to park their bicycles. Please visit the Housing office to register your bikes and find more information about bike safety.

Bike commuters also can use the showers in the Falk Center free-of-charge, regardless of whether they are members of the center. Those who are not members must request a “shower pass” at the front desk; use of the facilities is limited to the showers, unless the individual purchases a guest pass or membership. 


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