Environmental Health & Safety

Liquid Waste Container

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requires that a container of waste liquid must be capped when not discarding waste into the container. This includes radioactive waste liquid collected from experiments which is being held for decay or disposal. It is frequently noted that some laboratories keep the container open with a funnel in the container for the disposal of liquid. This is not acceptable under the EPA requirements. However, there is a possible solution to this issue that allows the researcher to keep the funnel in the container and still comply with the EPA. It is a funnel with a cap called an Eco Funnel supplied by Fisher Scientific.

The funnel comes in a 1750 milliliter or 250 milliliter capacity.

Capacity (milliliter):
  • 1750
  • 250
Vendor Catalog Number
  • EF3004B
  • EF438

If you wish to order a eco funnel you should submit it as a regular purchase requisition to the Procurement Department.

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