Hasan Bazari, MD '83

Hasan Bazari, MD
Hasan Bazari, MD Class of 83

Hasan Bazari, MD ’83, led the Internal Medicine Residency Program at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH)—one of the most prominent programs in the country—from 1994 to 2014. In 2015, Dr. Bazari received Einstein’s Distinguished Alumnus / Clinical Practitioner Award for his success as both a clinician and an educator.

Throughout his career at MGH, Dr. Bazari formed a teaching philosophy to enhance resident experiences, which centered on guided reflection and mindful practice as an increasingly important part of training curriculums. His consistently deliberate and thoughtful approach to patient care and medical education earned him his reputation as one of MGH’s most revered faculty members.

Dr. Bazari credits his start at Einstein to much of his success and renowned education practices. From Dr. Dominic Purpura’s teaching to the Groucho Marx glasses in Dr. Sherman Levine’s classes, Einstein helped Dr. Bazari launch a career defined by dedication and passion for mentorship.

An avid runner (Dr. Bazari completed five New York City marathons), Dr. Bazari was shocked to suffer a debilitating stroke four years ago. “I thought my career took a turn for the worse…when I had a stroke,” says Dr. Bazari. “I thought that my inability to speak proficiently would excuse me from playing a role. With a new attitude and great trepidation, I decided that I would play a role.”

Today, Dr. Bazari partakes in student teaching and conducts reflection sessions in the coronary care unit and at conferences. He is also an active volunteer on the Einstein Alumni Association Board of Governors because he “feel[s] the gratitude to give back.” Recently, Dr. Bazari spoke at the Einstein Career Speed Networking event and shared his perspective on mentoring and the impact of paying it forward.

Dr. Bazari currently serves as the Founding Director of MGH’s Morton N. Swartz, MD Initiative within the Department of Medicine. Through his daily work and perseverance, Dr. Bazari continues to serve as an exemplary mentor, teacher, clinician, and inspiration for new generations of physicians.