Love at Einstein: Amanda Weiss, MD 2012 and David B. Erlichman, MD 2011

Amanda Weiss, MD 2012 and David B. Erlichman, MD 2011

Amanda Weiss, MD '12 and David B. Erlichman, MD '11 met during their first year of medical school. David immediately noticed Amanda’s Roots Ltd. backpack and recognized her as a fellow Canadian. They had many mutual friends and eventually Amanda’s roommate encouraged them to go out. At the end of that year, they got engaged and then were married their first summer at Einstein. Amanda had their first child the following year and decided to take a year off to focus on the baby and research, and graduated a year after David. After Einstein, they both did their internship at Sound Shore Medical Center of Westchester. They stayed in the Bronx for many years following graduation.

During their first two years and after they finished sections, they would go to the ice cream store Coldstone Creamery, and then to a movie. This was their standing date. They would also meet up for lunch at the Weiler cafeteria whenever their schedules permitted.

Today, David is an Attending Radiologist, specializing in body imaging at Montefiore, and Amanda is an Attending Radiologist at Northwell Health. They have four children, and just had a baby during COVID at Weiler Hospital. They both have fond memories of Einstein and remember campus being a warm and supportive place.