The Division of General Internal Medicine at Montefiore Einstein is one of the nation’s top programs, excelling in all aspects of general internal medicine:

  • We provide high-quality, cutting- edge, and holistic care for all adults, in both primary care and inpatient settings.
  • Our forward- thinking approach to medical education creates a workforce of expert clinicians fully prepared to diagnose, treat, and prevent a broad range of health conditions, particularly for minoritized patients who have been historically marginalized and under-resourced.
  • We conduct nationally and internationally recognized scientific research to address the most pressing health issues of our time and advance equity for patients and communities.
  • Our addiction medicine clinical fellowship program stands out among the nation’s leading programs, providing accessible, acceptable, compassionate clinical care and rigorous training to reduce harms associated with substance use and addiction.

Examining the Health Impact of Immigrant Detention

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Examining the Health Impact of Immigrant Detention

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