DGIM Research Mentorship

Mentorship is critical to faculty academic success, promotion, transition to research independence, and well-being. DGIM faculty are wholly committed to mentoring a diverse research workforce equipped to optimize and disseminate interventions to improve health outcomes among historically marginalized communities. DGIM faculty have a stellar track record of successfully mentoring mentees at various levels of training, including predoctoral scholars, medical students, residents, and fellows, and early- and mid-career faculty.

In addition to mentoring that occurs 1:1 and in research teams, DGIM is unique in its structure of regular peer-mentoring programs, in which faculty present and review others’ research grant applications, conference presentations, and manuscripts. The weekly DGIM Research, Innovation and Shared Expertise (RISE) meeting has contributed to the exceptional success of DGIM early-career faculty at receiving NIH-funded career development awards and has become a model of group mentoring across Einstein. Regular affinity groups bring together researchers at all stages who have similar research interests or methods, for example, in substance use, infectious diseases, qualitative research, and medical education research.