Research & Quality Improvement

Each fellow will develop a portfolio during the course of the fellowship year. The portfolio will contain all of the fellow’s formal presentations and projects completed during the year as well as all case write-ups and minor presentations.

Each fellow is assigned to work with a faculty member on an ongoing quality improvement (QI) project within the division. Many of the fellowship QI/Research projects and case reports have resulted in abstracts and poster presentations at national meetings. See AGS 2019 and AGS 2020

Portfolio Contents

  • Core curriculum lecture and literature review
  • Geriatrics Grand Round Presentation
  • Abstract for submission to American Geriatrics Society (AGS) and/or American Medical Directors Association (AMDA)
  • QI Project
  • Journal club article and literature review (2)
  • Margaret Tietz Center case write ups
  • Bioethics write ups