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At the Lung Center, we take pride in providing comprehensive care for inpatients and outpatients with all types of lung and respiratory conditions. Our highly experienced board certified pulmonologist are specially trained at delivering exceptional care for a variety of lung diseases such as COPD, Asthma, Chronic cough, Bronchiectasis, Pulmonary Infections, etc. Our Interventional Pulmonologists, use state-of-art bronchoscopy equipment and techniques for early lung cancer detection and treatment. Additionally, we collaborate in a multidisciplinary fashion, regularly interacting with other services, particularly internal medicine and subspecialties, thoracic surgery, medical and radiation oncology, transplant medicine, and the respective neurology-based sleep disorders centers, in order to maximize each patient's care and tailor treatment plans accordingly.

Centers and Programs

Montefiore Einstein Pulmonary Faculty


Division Administrators


Clinical Director, Outpatient Pulmonary 

Chirag D. Shah, MD 


Clinical Director, Inpatient Pulmonary 

Daniel G. Fein, MD 

divya reddy

Fellowship Director 

Divya Reddy, MBBS, MPH 


Albert Einstein College of Medicine
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Bronx, NY 10461
Tel: 718.678.1040
Fax: 718.678.1020 


Clinical Administrator
Lillian Murtha
Tel: 718-920-2105 

Lynette Bradberry

Fellowship Program Coordinator
Administrative Assistant
Lynette Bradberry
Tel: 718-920-6054 


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