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Meet Our Residents: PGY2

Ali Antoine, M.D. 

MD:  Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

BA:  Wesleyan University

During the residency interview process, two things were very important to me: rigorous clinical training and a commitment to advocacy for a diverse population. The faculty at Montefiore are dedicated to teaching evidence-based care and producing confident physicians. I was impressed by the senior residents' ability to present difficult cases and present the evidence based medicine that directed their clinical decisions. I also felt like Montefiore attendings and residents were dedicated to providing the best medical care with an awareness of social determinants of health. I am unsure of my plans after residency, but I am confident that I will be well prepared regardless of my decision. 



Clarissa Diniz, M.D. 

MD:  Johns Hopkins University

BS:  Juniata College

Residency at Einstein/Montefiore was the perfect choice for me. Monte stood out amongst other programs because of the volume, acuity, and diversity of the patient population that walks through their doors, their advocacy development track, and their family planning training. What truly sealed the deal, however, was speaking to a chief resident who was a fellow medical school alumni. Hearing about her experience through the Monte residency program made me certain that Monte would equally prepare me to effectively care for patients as an attending immediately post-residency as well as provide the support, guidance, and advocacy necessary to match into fellowship.

Being less than two months in, all of the above have proven to be true, best part of it all however: my co-intern class. They are the best!


Kevin Flatley, M.D. 

MD:  Albany Medical College

BA:  Siena College

I chose Montefiore because of its commitment to bringing the highest-quality academic medicine to the patients of the Bronx. I also knew it was the program that would make me into exactly the Ob/Gyn I hope to become. Senior residents are skilled and confident surgeons, patient and thoughtful teachers, and compassionate clinicians. I feel lucky to be training in a place where clinical excellence, patient advocacy, and strong resident camaraderie are all valued so highly. 


Amoli Kulkarni, M.D. 

MD:  Boston University School of Medicine

BA:  Rutgers University at New Brunswick

I chose Montefiore because it had everything I was looking for in a program - an an academic focus, a broad range of clinical experiences, and a clear commitment to serving vulnerable populations. I was drawn to the high patient volumes and complexity of cases seen here because I knew that would prepare me well for whatever career path I choose. I also wanted to work alongside faculty and residents who share my dedication to providing comprehensive care for the diverse communities. 

At Montefiore, I love that I am both challenged and supported. I know that training at this program will  prepare me to be the skilled, compassionate, and socially-cognizant physician I aspire to be. 



Daniel Lorido, M.D. 

MD:  University of Miami 

MPH: University of Miami

BA:  University of Miami

I chose Montefiore because it offers the perfect combination I was looking for in a residency program. I wanted to be in an academic institute that is dedicated to serving a broad and diverse population. The department provides high-quality healthcare to a huge volume of patients. I was attracted to Montefiore’s reputation of developing both competent and compassionate OBGYNs. The department is dedicated to mentoring each resident to reach their goals whether it be an autonomous well-rounded generalist or a fellowship trained OBGYN. I am grateful to be at a program where teaching and providing incredible care to patients is at the forefront of daily resident life.  


Elizabeth Lund, M.D. 

MD:  Albert Einstein College of Medicine

BA:  Middlebury College

I chose to stay at Montefiore because I felt like this would be a place I would flourish.  The resident and attending’s dedication to serving the community of the Bronx and advocating for our patients motivates me to continue to work hard and continue to be a better physician.  I greatly appreciate the teaching and training we receive and am very happy to be a part of the culture.  I am confident that my training here will prepare me for whatever next steps I will take. 


Christine Miguel, M.D. 

MD:  Ohio State University

BA:  Dartmouth College

I chose Montefiore because I've dreamed about training at a program where I could unabashedly be myself, learn to heal and serve a diverse and complex patient population, and grow from the wisdom and experience of innovative and conscious minds. I chose Monte because I wanted to be challenged immensely in order to become the most competent, skilled, open-minded, and patient-centered provider for women at every stage of their lives. I chose Monte because advocacy and cultural humility are inherent to who we are and what we do simply by showing up and giving our best to our patients in the Bronx. I chose Monte because I am confident that my visions for reproductive justice and health equity will not only be supported but allowed to evolve, grow and shape me into the provider my future patients deserve. 


Anna Najor, M.D., MPH 

MD:  Mayo Clinic Alix School of Medicine

MPH: Johns Hopkins 

BA:  University of California at Berkeley

MS:  Arizona University 

Montefiore was an easy choice. I wanted the fulfillment and superior education of serving a high-needs population. I wanted exposure to fellowship-preparation and career mentorship from leaders in the field. I wanted solid research support and guidance. I wanted to graduate from a program that has the reputation of training highly competent and confident OBGYNs. 

I was fortunate enough to have many interviews, and thereby realized that most programs offered some of what I was looking for at the expense of the rest. Montefiore was unique in that they, not only met all my priorities for training, but also excelled in every aspect. 


Katherine Panushka, M.D. 

MD:  University of Utah School of Medicine

BA:  Westminster College

I believe that Montefiore offers me an unparalleled training experience. Throughout my interview day, I was greeted by so many kind and inspiring people dedicated to serving the underserved patients of the Bronx by practicing evidence-based and patient centered care. 

I am motivated by the high volumes, the high acuity, the complex cases, and the opportunities to address poverty, housing instability and heath disparities as public health issues facing patients in the Bronx. I am inspired by the program's dedication to family planning, research, and the program’s unique social Ob/Gyn track. 

I truly believe that working as a resident at Montefiore will enable me to become the best physician and advocate that I can be. 




Andrew Rezk, M.D. 

MD:  University of Miami

BS:   University of California at Irvine

 I chose Montefiore for multiple reasons. One of the best aspects of Montefiore is the willingness and enthusiasm of the faculty to teach. It really stood out to me how involved the faculty were in our education yet provide us with the perfect amount of autonomy to learn patient care. In addition, the opportunity to take care of such a complex and diverse patient population provides me with the confidence that I will be competent in my future practice. There is nothing you do not see here and that is exactly what I was looking for in a residency.


Jenny Soiffer, M.D. 

MD:   University of Miami 

MPH: University of Miami

BA:  Emory University 

During the interview process I sought programs that offered a high acuity clinical environment with a range of advanced pathology and a diverse patient and provider population. Our faculty support evidence-based practice with a genuine interest in social and health equity and patient advocacy. Montefiore is a program that supports its residents along the medical continuum to achieve success in meeting our career goals. 

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