How to Apply

The Financial Aid Application Process for M.D. Students

All admitted students applying for any type of financial aid (loans / grants) must complete the financial aid questionnaire.

The first step is to decide which types of aid you are seeking:

  • Federal Loans only
  • Federal Loans and Einstein need-based awards

Please note that students seeking consideration for Einstein awards are encouraged to apply by the deadlines below and that award decisions for entering students are made only after a student has been offered admission. In addition, award letters to recipients of need-based institutional funds will also include information about the Federal financial aid package for the 2023-24 academic year.

Since Einstein grant/loan determination is need-based, students must reapply annually and there is no guarantee that awards will be renewed in subsequent academic years.

To complete your FAFSA online at Federal School Code for Albert Einstein College of Medicine which is 042797.

Admitted Students:

Admitted students applying for need-based Einstein aid (grants and institutional loans) should return the completed form by March 15 or immediately after admission. Admitted students who plan on enrolling in the entering class of 2027 and are applying only for loans should submit it by May 1. After the first round of accepts are awarded – the awards will be on a on a rolling basis

For Admitted Students Need Based Aid / Federal Loans
  • 2023-2024 FAFSA
  • 2021 Student and (spousal) signed federal tax return (with schedules 1, C and E, if filed)
  • 2021 Parents signed federal tax return 2021 Parent Non-Filer form if parent not required to file tax returns
  • If parents do not file a federal tax return together, please provide the following for your other parent: 2021 Parents signed federal tax return (with schedules 1, C and E, if filed)
  • Einstein Financial aid questionnaire
  • International students are not eligible for Federal loans and do not need to submit the FAFSA. International MD students interested in grants/Loans should submit the Questionnaire and taxes
Federal Loans only

Award Notification

Financial aid award decisions are made following the submission of all financial aid application materials by March 15. Award letters are emailed to first-year M.D. students on a rolling basis, beginning in late March.

Continuing Students:

Continuing students applying for any type of aid (loans and/or grants) are asked to submit the financial aid questionnaire along with FAFSA. Should submit by May 1st.

Checklist for continuing students

Continuing students are not required to submit tax returns.
All financial aid documents should be emailed to the Student Finance office at

Award Notification

Award letter notifications are emailed to returning students in late May early June. Each award recipient is required to acknowledge the aid award within thirty days of receipt of the award electronically.