Office of Academic Support & Counseling

Personal Counseling

The Office of Academic Support & Counseling (OASC) offers a private and safe environment to discuss academic and emotional issues that may affect your well-being and  progress through medical school. The OASC also offers students a place to come and relax if you are "just stressed out."

Our personal counseling services cover a vast spectrum. The OASC encourages students to make an appointment to discuss their particular issues and access needed resources. You can discuss the source of your stress, express your concerns, vent your frustrations, and obtain a referral if desired. By exploring the source of the stress, you may gain some insights on better ways to manage and cope with these feelings.

Additional information and resources such as health care insurance, after hours and emergencies, FAQ about counseling and FAQ finding a therapist, Counseling Clinics and Helplines and Hotlines and info leading to supportive services are available on our webpage.