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Influential Research Pioneer—The Metastasis Research Society has given John Condeelis, Ph.D., its I.J. "Josh" Fidler Innovation in Metastasis Research Award, for his significant contributions to metastasis research. Since 2012, this biennial award has gone to an investigator whose work has substantially influenced the field. Dr. Condeelis has published more than 350 scientific publications, primarily focused on biophotonics, tumor cell motility and invasion, and metastasis. By combining high-resolution in-vivo microscopy, multi-photon imaging, and gene expression analysis, Dr. Condeelis has uncovered key molecular mechanisms driving tumor cells’ invasive abilities. His latest discoveries reported in Nature Communications, reveal the cells and the signaling pathways that transform breast-cancer tumor cells into invasive cancer stem cells responsible for metastasis—findings that could lead to treatment strategies for preventing metastasis from occurring. Dr. Condeelis is professor and co-chair of anatomy and structural biology, professor of surgery where he is director of the program in Basic and Translational Research, and co-director of the Gruss Lipper Biophotonics Center and Integrated Imaging Program. He also holds the Judith and Burton P. Resnick Chair in Translational Research. 

Thursday, November 4, 2021