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Founded by Sam Seifter in 1982 and originally titled The Einstein Quarterly Journal of Biology and Medicine (EQ),The Einstein Journal of Biology and Medicine (EJBM) serves as a forum for the basic and clinical investigation being conducted by the members and alumni of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine as well as other academic medical scientific institutions. In addition, an important aim of EJBM is the publication of articles written by students, postdoctoral fellows, house officers, and junior faculty members. Thus, EJBM encourages original investigation by scientists and physicians in training.

The contents of EJBM encompass the results of basic and clinical investigation, as well as those disciplines at the interface of medicine and the social sciences, medico-legal and ethical studies, epidemiology, public policy, and the history of medicine. The Einstein Journal of Biology and Medicine publishes articles in all fields of biology and medicine, and invites contributions from any scientific or clinical department. The form and style of manuscripts may vary with the topic and might include: 1) short reviews of general interest to the professional community; 2) short original reports of recent investigations; 3) critique and commentary on ideas and issues presented in the recent scientific literature; 4) essays in medical history, biography, or educational design; 5) correspondence related to contemporary scientific or medical debates; or 6) ad libitum prose, poetry, or humorous pieces treating medical or nonmedical themes from a distinctly personal perspective. The Einstein Journal of Biology and Medicine publishes one to two issues per year.


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