Postdoctoral Studies


If you are interested in residing in Einstein postdoctoral housing, it is advisable to have your PI submit the necessary forms to the Belfer Institute office to have you placed on the waiting list as soon as possible. All Einstein apartments are unfurnished and include gas, heat and hot water. Each tenant is responsible for establishing an account to pay for electricity. The housing office can provide you with the number to call at Con Edison, the utility company that services the Bronx.

 If you do not choose to be placed on the waiting list for Einstein housing and prefer to reside in private housing in the community, it is recommended that you consult a realtor in the area.  Local realtors have listings of apartments or houses in the vicinity that are available for rent.  The rent for a non-Einstein apartment will be higher than that for Einstein housing and, in most cases, you will need to pay the real estate broker a fee, generally in the amount of one or two months' rent.

If you wish to have a telephone, you must first purchase the telephone of your choice, then contact one of the companies that provide service, of which there are a variety from which to choose.  Many postdoctoral investigators choose cellular phone service rather than the traditional home "land line". 

The application for postdoctoral housing can be found here.

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