Funding Opportunities

COVID-19 related Funding Opportunity Announcements (FOAs) are always listed on the Office of Grant Support (OGS) webpage – and are updated dynamically as new opportunities are published. Please find details at the following links:

  • For all types (Federal, Foundation, State) of COVID-19 related research funding opportunities and resources, please visit: COVID-19: All Funding Opportunities and Resources – Federal, State, Foundation
  • For NIH (only) funding programs and resources, please visit: COVID-19: NIH Funding and Resources
  • In addition to the above dynamic links, OGS has also created an Excel short list containing only Foundation and non-NIH Federal FOAs relevant for Einstein-Montefiore investigators. OGS will send weekly updated version of this Excel short list to all faculty members, highlighting the NEW FOAs from Foundations and non-NIH Federal agencies. In addition, another sheet of the same Excel file will include all newly released NIH FOAs and Notices.

If you are interested to identify specific funding opportunities or receive specific update on COVID-19 research funding announcements, please contact Anindita Mukherjee at Please find details of OGS’s enhance array of Funding Opportunity and Grant Development services at this Presentation Link.

Please add “COVID-19” to Cayuse title to expedite the grant submission process (including COVID-19 related Administrative Supplements).

Opportunities to Provide Input for Future Funding RFAs:

Different funding agencies of Federal government announce pre-solicitations, Notices of Intent, Requests for Information (RFIs), and White Papers (via Broad Agency Announcements/BAAs) for creating future funding opportunities (FOAs). Please click here to access some of the COVID-19 relevant Pre-solicitations, RFIs, and/or BAAs.

If you would like to receive update on currently active pre-solicitations/RFIs/BAAs, please contact Anindita Mukherjee at

Please access the following links for details on:

Download: Stimulus Package COVID-19 HHS Research Funding Distribution