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John S. Condeelis, Ph.D.

Metastasis Potential: Gauging Breast Cancer’s Spread

John Condeelis, Ph.D., is a leading expert on imaging the tumor microenvironment—the microscopic site where tumor cells interact with surrounding cells. He has found that breast cancer spreads only when a speci?c trio of cell types is present together in the tumor; this "signature" for potential breast cancer metastasis has been validated in breast cancer patients. A company has licensed Einstein’s patent on Dr. Condeelis’s discovery and is developing a diagnostic test for pinpointing which breast cancer patients need aggressive therapy to prevent their cancer from spreading. Dr. Condeelis is professor and co-chair of the anatomy and structural biology department, scienti?c director of the analytical imaging facility, co-director of the Gruss Lipper Biophotonics Center, and the Judith and Burton P. Resnick Chair in Translational Research.


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