Global Health Lecture Series

Global health is a fascinating field and the Einstein Global Health Center offers our medical students fellowships through which they can experience a variety of opportunities that enhance their medical education and can sometimes shape their careers. Our virtual Global Health Lecture Series is designed to offer an introduction to the complex field of “global health,” using a multidisciplinary and multimedia approach through which participants gain an orientation to key issues and forces that shape the health experience of the majority of the world’s population.

Global Burden of Disease

The Global Health Center presented its second annual virtual Global Health Lecture Series in April 2022, featuring members of our Global Health and Clinical Skills (GHACS) faculty at Montefiore and other esteemed speakers. Themes emphasized included how the burden of disease experienced in the developing world differs from that in the West; the burden of poverty and how it manifests in the epidemiology of disease and the lack of adequate health infrastructure; how population and gender issues influence use of and access to healthcare; and how the legacy of colonialism shaped the global health landscape and how complex issues of power, representation, and resources remain as important ethical issues in current global health practice.

The series seminars are a must for anyone interested in global health.

  • One Health

  • Social Determinants of Health

  • Global Mental Health

  • Decolonizing Global Health

Pt. 1 - Introduction to Global Burden of Disease

Pt. 2 - Social Determinants of Health in Low and Middle Income Countries: Case Studies

Pt. 3 - Ethics of Global Health

Pt. 4 - Global Healthcare Workforce in Low and Middle Income Countries

Pt. 5 - Adolescent Reproductive Health in Chile

Pt. 6 - One Health Approaches to Combatting Emerging Infectious Diseases

Pt. 7 - Global Family Planning

Video Coming Soon

Pt. 8 - COVID, An African Paradox

Pt. 9 - Taking the Long View: Medicine as a Vehicle for Social Change

Pt. 10 - How a Physician Becomes a Convervationist