Application Procedure

Students Have The Opportunity To Participate In Global Health Fellowships:

  • During the summer between first and second year (minimum 4 weeks)
  • During the fourth year (minimum 4 weeks)
  • During the year between 3rd and 4th year
  • Longitudinal fellowship


  • Non-Einstein program: apply directly to the program you are interested in.
  • When accepted into a program, complete the Global Health Fellowship Application and other required documents. Attach the letter of acceptance (from outside non-Einstein organizations) to the application form.
  • Einstein-led program: reach out to Jill Raufman and lead faculty member. Students going overseas should try to submit completed applications by mid March in order to obtain funding at an earlier date. If deposits or other payments are required before then, you must use personal funds and receive funding later.
  • Be sure to check the start date of the program you are interested in since you cannot depart until after your last final examination.
  • Only one summer project fellowship is awarded per student (Either a research fellowship OR a global health fellowship).


A minimum four week stay is required for fellowship support given during the fourth year.

Notes on Uganda Senior GH Fellowship: The application for the 2-month Uganda GH Fellowship does not require a project proposal nor budget (see below), but does require a discussion of why you are interested in Uganda and how you see the experience fitting into your development as a physician. The senior experience in Uganda integrates a clinical elective in tropical medicine with a Community medicine Project. The Project is nominated by the Ugandan community and selected by (paired) student teams. Thus, a specific project proposal is not required for the GHF application. Also the budget is standard and pre-determined. You need only make note of these features on the application. For more information about the Uganda project, please contact Dr. Jerry Paccione.