Division of Hematology

Clinical Training

The Montefiore Einstein Division of Hematology's comprehensive hematology program guarantees trainees experience in managing a broad range of hemoglobinopathies, thrombotic and hemorrhagic disorders, primary and secondary marrow disorders, hematologic malignancies, and the full gamut of cytopenias that are encountered in the acutely ill inpatient, as well as in the ambulant clinic patient.

The hematology service sees consultations in two tertiary care hospitals, averaging 700 cases yearly. Fellows see patients in two large continuity hematology clinics, a thrombosis clinic, a bone marrow procedure clinic, and a sickle cell clinic.

Montefiore Medical Center, Albert Einstein College of Medicine's primary teaching hospital, is the tertiary care center for the Bronx's 1.6 million residents. Patients are seen from virtually all corners of the globe, with a broad range of ethnic-group-related diseases (e.g. hemochromatosis, hemoglobin D Punjab, Jamaican sickle cell disease, and Familial Mediterranean Fever).

Montefiore Einstein's faculty physicians perform bone marrow transplants (autologous, allogeneic and matched unrelated), heart, lung, liver and kidney transplants. Montefiore Medical Center has a large obstetrics service, gyneccologic oncology service, cardiology and neurology treatment centers and active cardiothoracic and neurosurgical subspecialties.


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