Fluorescent Protein Resource Center


Welcome to the Albert Einstein College of Medicine Fluorescent Protein Resource Center. The Center exists for three reasons:

  1. To serve as a general source of information concerning fluorescent proteins and their uses in cell biology
  2. To provide some fluorescent protein plasmids to members of the Einstein community
  3. To help people design experiments with optimal choices for fluorescent proteins

Please see the general information page to obtain currently available fluorescent protein information including: descriptions of the different classes of fluorescent proteins, fluorescent spectra, oligomeric state, sequences, and known advantages or quirks of each protein. Some of the proteins listed on the general information tables can be distributed by the Center and are indicated by a * symbol. Other proteins are patented and can be obtained from listed sources. Yet other proteins are only available commercially and links to relevant websites are provided. Finally, the members of the Center and Vladislav Verkhusha are experts in applications of fluorescent protein technologies including photobleaching, photoactivation, FRET, and other fluorescence microscopies. They can recommend the latest and most appropriate fluorescent proteins for your experiments. To make an appointment, please contact them.

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