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We are excited to announce the launch of the TWO (2) NEW research funding opportunity for Einstein faculty:  


 (1) AlleyCorp ‘Math Meets Bio’ Accelerator 

The Math Meets Bio Accelerator, administered by Columbia Technology Ventures and open to Einstein researchers, will accelerate the development of innovations at the intersection of mathematics and biology, and stimulate start-up activity in the NY Life Science-Tech ecosystem. This broadly includes innovations in computational biology, including new techniques for drug discovery, tools for advancing precision medicine, and much more. In addition to funding, AlleyCorp will provide participants with mentorship, networking opportunities, and educational resources. The Math Meets Bio Accelerator is accepting pre-proposals now through November 22. 


Areas of Interest:
Projects should focus on solving life science problems with computational and quantitative solutions. Research areas of interest are broad, and may include AI/ML-based drug discovery and development, operational tools to support R&D or biomedical infrastructure, precision medicine-based outputs, and more.




Selected research projects will receive a minimum commitment of $50,000 (plus indirect costs) in funding, in addition to mentorship from experienced entrepreneurs, networking opportunities for assembling a team and advisors, and educational resources.


(2) The RTWCF Accelerator  

This program is accepting pre-proposals for projects aimed towards developing treatments or technologies to improve patient lives in the areas of rare CNS, cardiovascular, and immunological diseases (non-oncology). The deadline to submit a pre-proposal is Monday, November 22. 


Please see here for more information about RTW Charitable Foundation Accelerator  


Areas of Interest:
Translational projects focused on treatment of rare and ultra-rare diseases in the following areas:

  • Central Nervous System
  • Cardiovascular
  • Immunology/Autoimmunity (non-oncology)

Projects should be aimed towards developing treatments or technologies to improve patient lives. 



Selected research projects will receive up to $125,000 (including a maximum of 10% indirect costs) in philanthropic funding.


Do you need an agreement (MTA, Sponsored Research, DUA) that involved human-speciments?  Please make sure to fill out the Research Agreement Request Form, found here: Einstein/Montefiore Research Agreement Request Portal 
This is required for all exchange of human-derived material and/or data, so that IRB compliance can be ensured.  



Postings of video recordings and/or presentations from the Office of Biotechnology and Business Development "IP & COFFEE" Seminar Series can be found here:  




*** ATTENTION Faculty and Post-Docs *** 


Due to the transition to Albert Einstein College of Medicine requires that newly signed Intellectual Property Assignment Agreements must be received by all faculty and post-docs on the Einstein payroll.  






This site will serve as a communication tool for the faculty and staff of Albert Einstein College of Medicine, as well as our industry partners. The office of biotechnology serves as the technology transfer office of the college, facilitating the licensing of college technology to industry and research collaborations between industry and faculty. The office of business development serves to further enhance the value of the college's research, clinical and intellectual property assets by proactively collaborating with the commercial, governmental, financial and entrepreneurial communities in novel initiatives. Together, the offices work in partnership and build upon each other’s strengths, in order to fulfill the mission of assisting the translation of basic research advances made at Einstein into clinical applications that can benefit the public. 

The Albert Einstein College of Medicine retains assignment of all patents granted to its faculty. The college, through its Patent Committee, provides a mechanism for internal peer review and encouragement for its faculty to pursue patenting of technologies that are novel and have clear-cut, practical applications in biology and medicine. These applications have broad utility in biotechnology, clinical diagnostics and pharmaceutical medicine. The college is interested in promoting industry-sponsored research on our campus and the commercial development of products derived from our research activities.  

Information about our policies on patenting and working with industrial partners can be found on this site, as well as technologies available for licensing and our contact information. We look forward to working with you.


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