Material Transfer Agreement

All information on MTA submission can be found on this page.

Is this a standard academic MTA?
(For our workflow purpose, we define a standard academic MTA as any one-directional, either sending or receiving, material transfer between Einstein/Montefiore and another academic or non-profit institution.)


Industrial MTAs or complex MTAs

Research Agreement Request Portal

Exchange of materials to and from industry is managed on a case-by-case basis. Please reach out to with such request. When negotiating acceptable terms, the Office of Biotechnology and Business Development’s role in the process is to ensure that such MTAs are in compliance with Einstein policy (see link below) and NIH guidelines, as well as our existing obligations to any third parties. It’s our intent to protect the best interests of both Einstein and our faculty inventors in these negotiations.


ALL ACADEMIC MTAs (including all human materials)

Research Agreement Request Portal

Check the MTAShare™ Quick Guide for useful information on how to submit the form through the MTAShare portal.

Important Notes

MTAShare™ will be rolled out in phases (Complete roll out plan, info sessions, office hours)

  • Phase I: Since November 1st, 2022, Einstein has been requiring any academic outgoing non-human material requests be routed through MTAShare™.
  • Phase II: Since April 24th, 2023, Einstein has been requiring all academic non-human material requests (both outgoing and incoming) be routed through MTAShare™.
  • Phase III (Final): As of January 15, 2024, Einstein REQUIRES ALL ACADEMIC MTAs, including human materials for both Einstein and Montefiore be routed through MTAShare™.

Access MTAShare™ Portal

MTAShare video tutorial: General MTA submission

MTAShare video tutorial: Human MTA submission

Contact Information

Contact / 718.430.3357 Or visit us at Belfer Building Rm#908