Environmental Health & Safety

Laboratory Spill Kit

This spill kit should be used when dealing with small spills of various acids, bases, solvents or oils. When dealing with acids and bases, the neutralizers within this kit have the ability to deal with spills no greater than 350mL. Larger spills, very aggressive corrosives, or spills beyond your ability, contact EH&S immediately at ext. 4150.


Spill Bucket

Neutral Absorbent


Hazwik Response Kit


Disposal Bag


Base Neutralizer


Acid Neutralizer


Spill Pads


Spill Scoop


Nitrile Gloves


You can order this spill kit on iLab for $35.00. If you have any questions, please contact EH&S at Einstein-Safety@einsteinmed.org or call X4150.