Department of Dentistry


The mission of the Department of Dentistry at the Montefiore Medical Center is focused on its three core components: to provide a robust and challenging resident education program as well as continuing education for established providers, to provide an excellent patient care model, to provide excellent care to the Bronx community, and to provide all of these items using a sustainable business model.

The Department of Dentistry offers a premier Dental residency education program focused on 5 Dental specialties: General Dentistry (1 year program), Pediatric Dentistry (2 year program), Orthodontics (3 year program), Prosthodontics (3 year program) and Oral Surgery (4 year program). The program accepts the top 5% of the Dental school classes as well as candidates who score greater than 95% on the national boards. This allows for the Program to recruit the most qualified candidates to attend its programs, which currently has 127 residents enrolled and continues to grow. Each program’s success is measured by its high number of matches made as well as the number of residents that take and pass their specialties’ boards; also measured are the number of residents that are sought by established and well regarded practices throughout the country.

The Dental Department strives to provide the highest quality of care to the community within the Bronx, Westchester and Tri-state region. With its established state of the art facilities, cutting edge technology, and commitment to excellent in community care, the Program is amongst the leaders in trauma care, oncology, craniofacial disorder and HIV care. With outreach programs that include visiting schools, providing care via a mobile dental van, and coordinating with other clinics within the Medical Center, the Dental Department has established ease of access to our clinics and services. We currently have 94 chairs in operation across 10 clinics and continue to expand our accessibility to the community. With evening and Saturday appointments, it allows for increased patient to access our services.

The Dental Department operates on the Fee for Service business model, which allows it to competitively price high end services in Dentistry, namely in Orthodontics and Oral Surgery, in order to provide the highest standards of care and still make it affordable for the community. Through direct-to-public advertising using newspaper, magazine and radio ad campaigns, we are able to communicate to the Tri-state area all that Montefiore Dentistry has to offer. The Department also uses its website,, to provide extensive detail regarding its programs, faculty and wide range of services that are offered.

Department Office

Montefiore Medical Center
111 East 210th Street
Rosenthal Red Zone, Room 2nd Floor
Bronx, NY 10467

Tel: 718.920.7459