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Peer Mentor Network

The goal of the Peer Mentor Network is to ease the transition into graduate school and create a community where MD, PhD and MSTP students support one another in their academic and personal pursuits.  We are available to listen and share experiences, to advise, and to connect students with the resources they need to help them succeed.  We are advocates for student well-being and help students manage their stressors supportively and productively.  We are available for all matters of advice including academic issues, time management, family matters, relationships, loneliness, PI/lab challenges, access to resources, and more.  Most importantly, we provide a confidential and non-judgmental space for students to address their concerns. 


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How to become an Peer Mentor

Maintaining and refreshing the Peer Mentor network is a continual need. The Peer Mentors are comprised of 2nd-4th year medical students and 2nd year plus PhD students. If you are interested in being available as an Peer Mentor, contact Dr. Kelly in  the Office of Academic Support and Counseling or call 718.430.3154.


Non-Einstein Student Peer Support Services

Active Minds is the nation's only peer-to-peer organization dedicated to raising awareness about mental health among college students. The organization serves as the young adult voice in mental health advocacy on over one hundred college campuses nationwide.

AMSA Mastermind Project is an internet-based grassroots endeavor with the American Medical Student Association (AMSA) designed specifically for "getting students to help students". This program was spurred into action by a second-year medical student in New Jersey.

Medical Student Well-being