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1300 Morris Park Avenue
Belfer Building, Room 602
Bronx, N.Y. 10462

Telephone: 718.430.2811
Fax: 718.430.8711


The Goal of the Immunology Journal Club, a joint effort between the departments of Immunology/Microbiology and Pathology, is to present and discuss recent potentially high impact papers (less than 3 months old) of broad interests to the Immunology community.

  • The Immunology JC is held every Tuesday, from 9:30-10:30am mostly in Price 551, with two presenters. The presentation starts at 9:30am (but please check location/time every week as some changes may occur).
  • Papers are of high-impact and interesting to a broad audience and do not focus on the individual's particular interest.
  • Each presentation lasts 30 minutes which is sufficient to cover only essential background and the main points and problems with the paper, and some time for discussion.
  • Everyone is presenting, ie, faculty, postdocs and students, and new trainees are added as they enter the labs.
  • All participants supporting this initiative commit as much as possible to attending regularly.
  • After presenting, speakers are automatically added to bottom of the heap. Calendar continues all year round, minus holidays or possible conflicting events.

Below is the current list and calendar:

Light Breakfast is served.

Contact persons:
David Fooksman
Gregoire Lauvau

Upcoming journal club presentations will be posted on our weekly events calendar ("What's happening at M&I?").

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